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Soft Passages: Marking 25 Years of Exhibitions at Oakville Galleries

Artists: Stephen Andrews, Doug Back, Bill Barrette, Jack Chambers, Panya Clark Espinal, Greg Curnoe, Colin Darke, Karilee Fuglem, Wyn Geleynse, Micah Lexier, Euan MacDonald, Gwen MacGregor, Al McWilliams, David Merritt, Tatsuo Miyajima, François Morelli, Regan Morris, Daniel Olson, Jennifer Stillwell, David Tomas

Oakville Galleries (both locations), 2005

The aim of Soft passages is to contribute to a process of activating the archives of permanent collections and exhibition histories of institutions. Marking Oakville Galleries’ 25th anniversary, this group exhibition combines permanent collection pieces with borrowed works from past programming, aiming to focus on the gaps in the archives of the institution. Taking the position of an informal retrospective, the selected works are ephemeral in nature, or have qualities that are difficult to convey through documentation. Pieces are revisited in an attempt to reconfigure how exhibition histories are written, re-anchoring past memories, and underscoring some works that risk slipping between the cracks.

Publication: Pamphlet, pdf version available