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/ "Slight Awayness" in The Closer Together Things Are

University of Waterloo Art Gallery, 2017

/ "Reconsidering Wilderness" in Beyond the Pines: Homer Watson and Contemporary Canadian Landscape

Art Gallery of Mississauga, 2015

/ "Sites of Transformation" in Xiaojing Yan: Innocence and Experience

Lonsdale Gallery, 2014

/ "Open House" in Susan Dobson: Open House

Blue Sky Books, 2014

/ “Sense and Sensibility in the Work of Kai Chan” in Kai Chan: A Spider's Logic

Varley Art Gallery and the Textile Museum of Canada, 2011

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/ “All That Remains: Panya Clark Espinal’s Vagabond Vitrine”

Koffler Gallery, Toronto, 2010

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